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Prettier than a bonus

Myriam Le Sourne and Yulia Antishina came to us with a compelling business idea – to create a jewelry brand for professional women in Hong Kong.  With this idea in mind, they now needed to translate it into a brand name, tagline and storytelling.


Democratising jewelry for the workplace

We defined the brand’s purpose as democratising jewelry for the workplace and identified the potential name directions for the brand around fitting your everyday, styling, gemstones and the ups and downs of work life. From there we developed a list of potential names and landed on ‘Jemocracy’ which conveys the brand’s strategic purpose and fun personality.


Jewelry that works

We defined the brand’s strategic pillars and translated these into the brand voice, message guidelines and the slogan, ‘Jewelry that works.’  We then wrote the copy for the brand’s ecommerce site and PR messages.


See the branding and copy at 


"Excellent experience working with Georgina on the brand strategy for What sets her appart is her passion for the projects she’s taking on and her in-depth understanding of the branding/marketing field. Extremely professional, very sharp and efficient, she does a great job understanding customer needs and translating them into very practical, action-based solutions. I can highly recommend her services." - Yulia Antishina, Founder of Jemocracy